Communicating with tenants on Homeward

Save time sorting through emails and texts with our easy-to-use tenant messaging system.

As your phone becomes inundated with text messages, phone calls, and emails, it gets hard to track communication and follow up with your tenants’ requests and inquiries.

At Homeward, we believe communication is the key to efficient relations between tenants and landlords. This is why we created an easy-to-use tab dedicated to your communication needs.

Let’s Get Started

By pressing on the communication tab on your app, you can simply choose the tenants you would like to text or call, and you can also attach a photo if needed.

Your tenant(s) will receive a notification and an email informing them a message from their landlord is waiting.

The Digital Bulletin Board
Homeward is excited to present one of its favorite features, The Digital Bulletin Board, enabling you to send a text to all of your tenants simultaneously. You can choose to send it to one property, a group of tenants, or to all, making communication more efficient and limiting confusion.
Watch the video below for a step-by-step demo.

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