Let us deal with the hassle of screening new tenants 

We’ve partnered with Rentprep and TransUnion to provide background, employment, and credit
checks. Providing quick, detailed, easy to read report straight to your phone

Get the whole picture
Minimize the risk and feel better choosing the best tenant from your available applications.

How Homeward Does Tenant Screening

1. Step One
Select a property/unit from your portfolio and send the invite to the prospective tenant.
2. Step Two
Get live updates on the application process and important details every step of the way.
3. Step Three
Once the application is complete, approve the new applicant and add them to the lease instantly.
Better Choices
= Better Tenants
We’ve partnered with Rent Prep® ’s amazing screening platform to help you efficiently compare applicants and choose the best tenants for your properties.

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